Wiggles 2021 new cast members: Woke’s move slammed

A controversial Coalition senator has launched an attack on children’s entertainment group The Wiggles for adding four new racially diverse characters to their lineup.

Four new members will join the existing set of Anthony, Simon, Emma and Lachy in an effort to make it more culturally inclusive.

Tsehay Hawkins, 15, is from Ethiopia and will wear red; Evie Ferris is a 24 year old native woman who will wear blue; Kelly Hamilton, 45, is of Asian and Australian descent and will wear yellow; and John Pearce, 28, of pop group Justice Crew, has Filipino heritage and will wear purple.

Wiggle blue founder Anthony Field came up with the idea and told NCA NewsWire he felt “morally we have to do this.”

“I traveled the world and thought, ‘We have to reflect our audience. Our audience is not just one culture, we want children to see a mirror of themselves. Hope people, moms and dads too, will feel included. “

The new characters will be part of a new YouTube series called Fruit Salad TV, which premieres next month.

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Matt Canavan, a national senator from Queensland, was not happy with Sunday’s announcement.

The outspoken Tory, who regularly denounces progressive social issues as well as climate change and environmentalism, told The Australian the new lineup would destroy The Wiggles.

“The Wiggles are free to do whatever they want. It was nice as long as it lasted. But you wake up, you go bankrupt, ”Senator Canavan told the newspaper.

Social media trolls echoed his sentiment, with several responding to the official Twitter announcement with a series of “go wake up, go bankrupt” remarks.

The Wiggles group is one of the most successful in Australian entertainment history, raising around $ 30 million annually through loyal global audiences, lucrative TV syndication, concert tours and merchandising.

Senator Canavan’s latest contribution to the conversation on current events comes a week after he was convicted of linking the atrocities in Afghanistan to climate change.

“Does anyone know if the Taliban will adhere to net zero?” He tweeted last Monday.

Countless personalities attacked the dig, including fellow Nationals politician Darren Chester, who said Senator Canavan was “offensive, disrespectful and utterly devoid of compassion.”

He also undermined efforts by governments to control the spread of Covid-19 by suggesting that lockdowns are not necessary and by claiming that tough measures to save lives were “an unjustifiable expense”.

Senator Canavan also criticized the deployment of the covid vaccine, contradicting the Coalition’s message.

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