UK government urged to offer asylum to Afghan interpreters whose data breached

The SNP urges the UK government to offer all Afghan citizens whose data has been breached by the Afghan Relocations Assistance Policy (ARAP) immediate asylum in the UK.

The call comes following a Ministry of Defense (MOD) data breach involving details of 250 Afghan interpreters – all of whom were eligible to come to the UK during the evacuation process but were cruelly left behind for account.

The data breach led to Afghans being “relentlessly hounded” by the Taliban, according to an Afghan interpreter. SNP Home Affairs Spokesman Stuart McDonald said: “It was essential that the UK government increase its support for Afghan refugees during the withdrawal process. However, their failure to do so has left thousands stranded and fearful for their lives.

“This data breach is just the latest in a long list of errors not only from the MOD, but also from the Conservative government – but unfortunately could be one of the costliest.

“This is why I urge the Prime Minister to offer every Afghan interpreter whose information has been disclosed asylum here in the UK. It is our fault that their lives are now in danger – so it is our responsibility to rescue them.

“In time Boris Johnson and the MOD will have serious questions to answer about their role in this foreign policy disaster. This is why the SNP has called for a judge-led investigation into the takedown process and is now supporting calls for an independent investigation into this data breach. ”

Meanwhile, a Department of Defense official has been suspended pending an investigation over a “significant” data breach involving interpreters in Afghanistan in the hope of coming to the UK. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace apologized in the House of Commons and told MPs that he “immediately led inquiries” were taking place after being angered by the mistake.

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