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After a difficult 2020, in which marketing budgets and jobs were cut, 2021 brought some relief to marketers as they pivoted their businesses and brands and saw their spending increase across the board. areas. However, this optimism has been tempered by lingering concerns about the demise of third-party cookies and the future of consumer identity; the urgent need to address the sustainability and complexity of its management; and the continued demand for business agility. As marketing managers juggle with these varied demands, they also grapple with the opportunity and challenge of reaching out to an influential – and increasingly vocal – Gen Z through multiple touchpoints.

The rapid rise of the Omicron variant has shown that there is still a lot of fluidity in the environment. CMOs say the brands that have supported consumers during the difficult years of the pandemic will benefit in the long run. In a tough environment, marketers and brands may be pressured more than ever to stick to and even elevate their goal as consumers become more open about their choices. Specific to APAC, marketers continue to face a heterogeneous market, with an increasing emphasis on business agility and precise category segmentation to meet the varied demands of this region. Marketers say Countryside that companies in this geographic area are catching up on hot topics like sustainability, even as they strive to find more specific ways to meet the needs of the Gen Z audience of APAC.

Asia-Pacific Campaign reached out to some of APAC’s top marketers to ask them about their focus areas for 2022. Here are some edited responses from them.

Julie nestor
Marketing and experience design manager
Manulife Asia

It’s been over two years, and the Covid is still there. Unsurprisingly, people are tired, and many are unprepared for how long this has gone on. But we are seeing glimmers of hope across Asia, especially in changes in people’s health and financial habits. Brands have also adapted, adjusting their products, prices, services and community investments to support customers during these difficult times. Brands that have adapted in this way will have a head start, as customers and employees now look to them to positively impact their communities.

As products become commoditized, the brand focus and superior customer experience become important differentiators, especially with a younger audience. Consumers want to know how we are advancing a healthier, more resilient people and planet. At Manulife, we ensure that our products, marketing dollars, investments and DE&I strategy evolve to make it better for our customers, communities and employees every day.

Ben georges
Senior Vice President and Commercial Director, Asia-Pacific

[The year] 2022 is an exciting time for marketers – two years later, Covid has proven to be the best digital director the travel industry could have asked for. Brands were forced to pivot and reposition themselves very quickly across all channels, using technology and engaging with customers on their terms. At Hilton, we’ve leveraged our contactless check-in options such as digital check-in and digital key, as well as our guest loyalty program, Hilton Honors, to provide guests with flexibility and ongoing benefits.

Data and insights have also been critical for Hilton to be agile, adapt quickly and achieve gains in all markets, from launching confirmed connecting rooms, shareable digital keys and free automated upgrades for elite members. , strengthening Hilton’s catering offer in more than 900 restaurants. points of sale with our “I like a member” campaign.

With the great diversity of markets in APAC, market segmentation continues to be a key objective in responding to changing consumer expectations and purchasing power, as well as an increasingly young demographics in the region. region. Hyper-personalization and listening to customers will allow brands to be more agile and responsive in the coming year.

See Ting Foo
Marketing Director, Greater Asia

Globally, sustainability has become a critical business imperative. We have seen brand confidence increase with a brand taking an authentic and active position in its marketing mix and business mission to generate profits for good. APAC is slightly behind the world [on this count]. With a younger population and a population more hungry for determined trusted brands, the demands of brands to take an active sustainability stance in terms of creating, marketing and bringing their products, solutions and services to market. [is increasing]. It becomes important for marketers to not only ‘speak up’ but to act on it and lead head-on with their businesses, businesses and external stakeholders.

Bart buiring
Director of Sales and Marketing
Marriott International

Agility continues to be a key marketing theme in the travel industry and for Marriott International in 2022. Travel restrictions, quarantine regulations and new variants impact our ability to travel in APAC, and therefore on our go-to-market strategies. With these factors in mind, marketers need to develop flexible medium-term regional and national strategies, while also being nimble and ready to roll out hyper-localized, short-term plans this year.

Leisure travel for Gen Z and multigenerational families is expected to dominate, with travelers needing to take longer trips with multiple stops in different countries to get the most out of their trips. We will be prioritizing the execution of our “Where Can We Take You?” »Marketing campaign launched in mid-2021 and will see more creative APAC iterations in line with encouraging signs of travel recovery. With more and more travelers expected to focus on meaningful experiences and increasingly consider the environment and their personal well-being, our “Bon Voyage with Marriott Bonvoy” pilot project will expand. Finally, loyalty remains fundamental.

Stuart A. Spencer
Group Marketing Manager
AIA Group

[The year] 2022 will be one of continuing complexity, with the acceleration of two converging trends that will only increase society’s expectations of businesses and brands. On the one hand, the themes of sustainability will become increasingly important. At the same time, companies run by a goal aware of their wider role and responsibilities in society will become more relevant. Marketers who solve these problems with authenticity and integrity will thrive. We remain focused on ensuring that everything we do as a business achieves our goal.

Kevin Mintaraga
Marketing Director

Overall, people are consuming more videos. Direct shopping has received a huge boost due to the lockdowns imposed by the pandemic and we believe it will only intensify in the years to come. Additionally, with Generation Z’s conquest of the internet space, it’s clear that social media will continue to take center stage. Driving engagement and being relevant to Gen Z through multiple touchpoints will be a key priority for CMOs.

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