Sheriff Blakely’s corruption trial resumes Tuesday afternoon

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama (WAFF) – Sheriff Mike Blakely’s corruption trial resumes on Tuesday.

The judge rejected a request by Blakely’s lawyers to expel a witness and also rejected a request to quash the trial. This morning there was a separate hearing in this matter.

It all ties into a state witness, Trent Willis. Blakely’s attorneys say Willis himself is under investigation that the state has not disclosed and that this would have a significant impact on Blakely’s right to a fair trial.

The judge dismissed the motion to dismiss Willis’ testimony, which also included a request to dismiss the charge named Red Brick Strategies.

As a reminder, Blakely faces a series of accusations. He is accused of embezzling money intended for his campaign.

Trent Willis is the CEO and Founder of Red Brick Strategies, which worked on the Blakely campaign. He spoke yesterday and discussed his role in the campaign and his work with Blakely. Blakely’s lawyers said the state had not disclosed that Willis was under investigation.

This morning, prosecutors said that was simply not the case. They argued that Blakely’s lawyers knew Willis was under investigation a year ago. This is why Willis was allowed to return to the stand today.

He told the state his investigations had nothing to do with Blakely’s campaign. Blakely’s lawyers were able to question him when the jury was brought back to the courtroom.

They asked Willis about his character and credibility, bringing up companies he had accepted money from and never completed projects for, getting kicked out by owners and resigning from a position over sex. inappropriate with a minor. Willis denied all of this.

Two other witnesses appeared after Willis.

The court is due to resume Tuesday afternoon.

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