LATEST: New Swedish migration law comes into force

The bill, presented by the Social Democratic-Green government at the end of April, was approved by Swedish parliament last month.

The background is that a new set of laws was needed to replace the temporary legislation that was introduced in 2016 to reduce the unprecedented number of asylum claims at the time.

Part of the new law, for example, makes residence permits for refugees generally time-limited rather than permanent. Since the introduction of the Temporary Law, temporary permits have been the norm in Sweden, but before that, permanent permits were the default since 1984. It also provides exceptions to family maintenance requirements for families. Swedish and EU / EEA citizens who wish to bring their partner to Sweden. .

No transitional legislation has been introduced for the initial period, so if you have not received a decision on your application for permanent residence before today, it will be judged on the basis of the new laws regardless of when you submitted it, according to the Migration Office.

A Swedish language proficiency requirement in order to receive a permanent residence permit was initiated as part of legislative work on the Migration Bill, but this did not become law. The initial proposal states that these should be introduced at some point, but they are not yet an official requirement, so it is unclear how these skills will be tested and measured, or when (and if) they will actually come into effect. force.

Initially, the plan was to pass a law that had a broader political consensus behind it.

A migration committee has been set up with representatives from each party and a mandate to come up with ideas for a “humane, legally secure and efficient” migration policy to replace the temporary laws introduced in 2016.

But talks were tense, with immigration a central issue for most parties and widely divergent views on the best way forward. Therefore the proposals put forward by the committee were less extensive than expected; after talks between the parties have failed, the final report consisted of more than 20 proposals rather than a comprehensive policy, each supported by a different combination of parties.

The partner of the junior government coalition, the Green Party, was not happy with many proposals, in particular a proposal to cap the number of asylum seekers who can enter Sweden each year.

So the government introduce a new bill, based on the committee’s suggestions, but with some notable differences, in particular the absence of a ceiling on the number of asylum seekers. The Green Party also pushed through rules which mean that people who are not entitled to asylum may in some cases be allowed to stay in Sweden on humanitarian grounds.

The law will now apply from July 20, 2021.

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