India’s coal-fired power generation drops 1.5%, renewables surge in September, Energy News, ET EnergyWorld

India’s coal-fired power generation so far this month has fallen 1.5% from a year earlier, while power generation from renewables has jumped 53 , 6%, showed a Reuters analysis of government data.

The slowdown in coal-fired power generation and a resumption of renewable energy production could take some relief from the country’s utilities struggling with a coal shortage, forcing India to ask power plants to import electricity. coal.

Overall power generation growth slowed to 1% during the first half of September, a review of daily load shipping data by the federal grid regulator POSOCO, much slower than growth, showed. of 16.1% in August which had resulted in a 23.7% increase in coal-fired power plants. go out.

The sharp increase in coal production in August reduced the average coal stock held by Indian coal-fired power stations to just six days of need as of September 13, a nearly three-year low, from a peak in stocks of ‘April 2020 31 days, according to the latest data from the Federal Ministry of Energy. Federal guidelines require utilities to have inventory that lasts at least two weeks.

Renewable energy production rose 53.6% in September, driven by a doubling in wind power production and an 18.6% increase in solar power production, according to POSOCO data, offsetting a 5.3% drop in hydroelectric production and a 33.7% drop. drop in gas power.

The share of coal in India’s total electricity production fell to 65.7% in the first half of September, from 66.5% in August, the data showed. The share of renewable energies rose to 12.1% against 11.9% in August.

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