Expanded playoffs on the table for MLB with new CBA

The MLB Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations have been a central concern of everyone in the baseball world for the past few weeks and, by the free agent frenzy that has occurred, there are certainly players out there. who are trying to find a new home before a lockout hits.

But according to ESPN’s Jesse Rogers, MLB’s proposal to MLBPA has some very intriguing changes.

One change MLB is proposing is the playoff extension

Among some other changes that MLB is proposing in negotiations is an expanded playoff format. Rogers reports that the format would have 14 playoff teams (up from 10 playoff teams in 2012-2019 and 2021). Each league would still have three divisions and instead of two Wild Card teams there would be four Wild Card teams.

According to Rogers, here’s how the rest of the playoffs would work.

  • The team with the best record in each league would get a pass in the five division series.
  • The other two division winners would choose their Wild Card opponent from the three worst Wild Card teams, with the second best division winner choosing first. Then, the No. 3 seed in each league would pick their opponent from the last two Wild Card teams.
  • The Wild Card team with the best record would play against the Wild Card team that was not chosen by a division winner.
  • For the Wild Card round, it would be a best-of-three format. Whichever team has the highest seed for the match, all three matches will be staged.
  • The three winners would join the best overall team in the regular season (which received a pass) and advance to the Division Series. Things would continue as before from the DS.

Feelings on this proposal are “mixed,” according to Rogers, who says some players are not thrilled because some teams have playoff records of nearly 0.500 (or less), but more players are said to be in the playoffs ( and get playoff shares).

Owners and general managers are also mixed since some do not like “the idea of ​​a televised event on the Sunday night before the start of the playoffs where the opponents are chosen” from “[i]It’s ripe for questioning and maybe even bulletin board material.

But the thought of having more fans and more teams more engaged in playoff talks in August and September might be enough to make that happen, but, for now, that could all change with the CBA negotiations.

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