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Well-being employee and volunteer Fabiana Souza receives a COVID-19 vaccine produced by Chinese company SinoVac Biotech at Sao Lucas Hospital in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil, on August 8. Photography: AFP

While Brazilian health workers have expressed hope that China will speed up the approval process for a vaccine developed in China, and other international sites to draw up a vaccination plan, some consultants said it was possible. for China to approve a vaccine by the end of this year for the pressing lack of some international localities hard hit by the epidemic.

Brazil has gathered enough information about the infection from an advanced stage of an experimental trial COVID-19 vaccine developed by the Chinese company Sinovac Biotech (SINOVAC) and expected to have intermediate results on its effectiveness during the first week of December, mainly based on the evaluation of information from an impartial committee, Reuters reported on Tuesday, citing the organizers of the trial.

João Gabbardo, Sao Paulo team leader COVID-19 emergency committee, said the same day it expects China’s health regulator to approve SINOVAC’s CoronaVac in December, which could speed up approval in Brazil, according to the Reuters report. .

SINOVAC confirmed the plan at international events on Tuesday, but appears to be more cautious than its Brazilian colleagues, as the company felt it was only a preliminary result.

“This is not something that could be rushed,” Liu Peicheng, spokesperson for SINOVAC, told the International Times.

According to Liu, the impartial committee is made up of members of global organizations like the World Well Being Group and the Efficiency Evaluation Device for High quality Enchancment in Hospitals.

Some Chinese analysts also want to be cautious. They said they perceive Brazil’s urgent need for a vaccine given the extreme epidemic situation in the country, but do not believe Chinese authorities will speed up the approval process at the cost of safety and security. efficiency.

However, others say it’s really good that a vaccine candidate can be cleared by Chinese authorities by the end of the year, given the growing demand from many international sites and the promise of the. China to provide cheap products. COVID-19 vaccines and drugs for “everyone”.

According to media criticism, Spain will launch a comprehensive coronavirus vaccination program in January and hopes to have covered a considerable part of the population within three months.

Russia also announced on Tuesday the launch of a large coronavirus vaccination in 2021.

“Although the epidemic in China is under control, China would undoubtedly accelerate the analysis and growth of vaccines for different regions of the world,” said Tao Lina, a Shanghai-based vaccine and immunology specialist. , at the International Times.

International sites can decide whether or not to use vaccines developed in China based mainly on their own situation, but it will improve their confidence in vaccines developed in China if Chinese authorities approve them first, Tao said.

Tao also said he believes some Chinese vaccine producers actually collected enough information showing positive results.

The main Chinese vaccine producer, Sinopharm, previously told International Occasions that it has reported the Phase III medical information to relevant Chinese regulators and is improving the information as requested. The vaccine maker, saying this is the last step before advertising and marketing, felt it was under no obligation to disclose its vaccine information and could do so through a more scientific approach and managed.

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