Asylum Policy

Immigration detention in South Africa: tighter control of administrative detention, strengthening criminal enforcement of migration – South Africa

Long an important destination for migrants and refugees from Africa and Asia, South Africa increasingly views cross-border movements from the perspective of national security and crime. The country’s border management law, passed in 2020, reflects this adoption of a securitization program, observers fear that the country’s policies will encourage an …

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Afghanistan: why Germany must simplify the asylum procedure for local staff | Asia | An in-depth look at current events from across the continent | DW

The German parliament last week discussed the future of local German Army (Bundeswehr) personnel in Afghanistan amid a growing threat to their lives from the Taliban. After the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and the dismantling of the Taliban regime, foreign forces relied heavily on domestic aid. They needed …

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Germany: Won’t the private data of foreigners be protected? | Germany | In-depth news and reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW

Germans take data protection seriously. And for good reason: their experience under two dictatorships in the 20th century made people extremely aware of the dangers. This becomes even more evident whenever the state wishes to collect more private information. For example, a controversial week-long debate was recently held over what …

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