Buyback of Consumer loans: For What Interest?

The benefits of buying back consumer loans. Consumer loans remain to the rescue of French households to bail out them in case of urgent need of cash. In 2019, nearly 8 million French people are preparing to take out this offer to give life to their projects, according to the study conducted by Cofidis / CSA Research.

The flexibility and ease of access to this type of credit are the main reasons for its success. But, it must be recognized that the accumulation of these credits leads to over-indebtedness. The solution: the credit buyback that consolidates loans into one.


Purchase of credits for easy and successful budget management

Purchase of credits for easy and successful budget management

Have you taken out a number of loans, receivables, debts and bank overdraft? To facilitate the management of your monthly budget, subscribe to a credit buyback agreement in order to take advantage of a unique and better rate and a monthly payment adapted to your repayment capacity.

This solution will allow you to restore new financial stability within your family. It is effective to avoid over-indebtedness. Some credit repurchase organizations even offer a new loan to its clients in parallel with their loan buyback agreement, depending on their debt ratio and repayment capacity.


Credit redemption: a unique and advantageous rate at the rendezvous

Credit redemption: a unique and advantageous rate at the rendezvous

Instead of paying multiple credits at different rates, get a single, more attractive rate by choosing to buy credits. A significant reduction in the cost of your credits will be required thanks to this alternative.

The documents to be provided to benefit from them vary from one credit institution to another. They also depend on the type of loan buyback contract to be subscribed. Be aware that you can consolidate your mortgage into your consumer credit or consolidate all your consumer credit such as consumer loans, debts, revolving loans, cash and overdrafts.


Examples in figures


The purchase of credit offers the persons concerned the opportunity to achieve a monthly saving of more than 50% compared to their former situation. Take the example of a household that has subscribed credits of a total sum of 15 000 euros that it reimburses to the order of 250 euros per month for 5 years.

Due to a financial difficulty, it is obliged to resort to the repurchase of credit after 20 paid monthly installments. Instead of paying 250 euros a month, or 10,000 euros for the remaining 40 months, he only pays back a monthly payment of 120 euros per month, thanks to the credit redemption because the maturities were extended according to the repayment capacity of the family.