Brands encourage Malaysians to stand up for challenges

Malaysia plans to move into an endemic phase by the end of October, The star recently reported. As the country plans its roadmap for the future, preparations for Malaysia Day celebrations are also underway, with the government imposing strict SOPs, as advised by the National Security Council and the Ministry of Health. , to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Communications and Multimedia Ministry General Secretary Mohammad Mentek recently said this year’s celebrations will be similar to last year when there were no physical spectators, Bernama reported. He added that a variety of competitions and activities were also organized in conjunction with the celebrations. These include a virtual poetry recital competition, Joget Malaysia TikTok competition and children’s storytelling competition, Bernama added. Ahead of Malaysia Day, some brands also launched feel good branded films to celebrate the occasion. Here’s a look at some of the ads created by local and international brands this year:


Astro’s documentary on Tanah Tumpahnya Darah Kita begins with the story of a man who detailed his sacrifice in the military through letters to his wife and young family. It eventually progresses to include the stories of other veterans whose valor in the defense of our country has transcended race, creed, language and culture. Tracing the stages and trials of these brave men, Astro recruited a group of young Malaysian artists including Red Hong Yi who all wanted to be involved in the performance of the sacrifice by the Malaysian soldiers. This documentary was first announced on Astro’s 25th anniversary last month and was produced in collaboration with Naga DDB Tribal.

Celcom Axiata

As part of his “Ok Tak? “which was first launched on Merdeka Day, Celcom Axiata also encourages users to reconnect with their friends or relatives and be with each other this Malaysia Day. The video was produced in collaboration with M&C Saatchi Malaysia.

Take Malaysia

To celebrate all the great flavors of Malaysia, Grab released a video titled Malaysian’s Greatest Makan Clicks to pay homage to Malaysians favorite food and the best places to get them on the Grab app. Graph Studio, Gurafu Post and Wavefarer Audio participated in the production of the video.


OPPO’s Malaysia Day film “D Flat” features protagonist Fahmee, balancing his human story of lost income and studio photography, as well as interruptions from loud neighbors, with the product role of his Reno6 . He ends up navigating through these upheavals and appreciates the feeling of unity and solidarity that his neighbors bring. The video was produced in collaboration with Ensemble Worldwide.

Taylor University

Taylor’s Malaysia Day video begins with a grim narration of what the uncertain future may bring. As the visually dramatic animation progresses, viewers are taken to journey through past events through different timelines of Malay history, presenting extraordinary individuals who have personified the spirit of hope and inspiration – nicknamed him the spirit of the hero Rakyat and how today the same spirits are portrayed by Malaysian citizens everyday. The video features four notable people in Malaysia: Dr Wu Lien-Teh, Sybil Kathigasu, as well as Major Wong and Sergeant Adnan.

Meanwhile, other brands have also celebrated Malaysia Day ahead of time in their Merdeka Day movies.


MILO Malaysia worked with Reprise Digital for a fully animated film to commemorate the Merdeka and Malaysia Day celebrations. Inspired by “Malaysia Bole“spirit, the film “Tetap Di Sisi Walau Berganti Generasi” showed a series of motivational posts with MILO as a symbol of strength that has remained with the locals for many generations.


PETRONAS and Ensemble Worldwide have released an animated film, “Demi Cinta” (In the name of love), to commemorate the celebrations of Merdeka and Malaysia Day. The film is a meaningful reminder for Malaysians to face the challenges ahead with resilience and love.

Tenaga Nasional

In the true spirit of Malaysia’s National Day, Tenga Nasional (TNB) and Entropia released the campaign film Merdeka, “Raikan Malaysia Kita”, which celebrates the positive energy of Malaysians in the face of adversity.

Texas Chicken

Texas Chicken Malaysia embraced Malaysian heritage and celebrated its local talent through the power of music in the “Merdeka Beats” campaign. For generations Malaysians have been united and inspired by music and the arts, and in this difficult time, Texas Chicken Malaysia hoped they could move people – united as one and moving with the beat and beats of Merdeka.

Cafe Wonda

To celebrate 64 years of being a multicultural country, Wonda Coffee has prepared a campaign on unity and diversity. In collaboration with the creative agency Naga DDB Tribal, the brand launched a film about color discrimination by presenting mugs in different colors, shapes and sizes.

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