Boris Johnson live news: President surrenders to police over allegations of cocaine use in Westminster amid drug crackdown

Christmas party reports ‘unfounded’, says Raab

House of Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle has said he will call police over “deeply concerning” allegations of drug use at the Palace of Westminster.

The president said he was treating the issue as a priority and wanted to see “full and effective law enforcement” with severe penalties for those who flout the rules.

Sir Lindsay’s decision comes after the Sunday opening hours reported that an investigation found evidence of cocaine in 11 of 12 locations tested in the building.

The speaker’s intervention also comes as the Prime Minister this week launches a 10-year plan to tackle illegal drug-related crime, which will include the removal of passports and driver’s licenses from offenders, he said. we reported.

The crackdown will also include football-style travel bans, tougher sentences for drug traffickers and measures to break down county gangs.

The sun reported that Boris Johnson will present ‘record’ funding for drug treatment and recovery services, with more money pledged for the 50 local authorities struggling with the worst drug problems, including Middlesbrough, Blackpool and Liverpool.

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Thomas kingsleyDecember 5, 2021 9:10 AM


Passports to be taken away from illegal drug users in Boris Johnson’s new crackdown

The prime minister this week will launch a 10-year plan to tackle illegal drug-related crime, which will include scrapping passports and driving licenses for offenders, it has been learned.

The crackdown will also include football-style travel bans, tougher penalties for drug traffickers and measures to break up County Lines gangs.

The sun reported that Boris Johnson will present ‘record’ funding for drug treatment and recovery services, with more money pledged for the 50 local authorities facing the worst drug problems, including Middlesbrough, Blackpool and Liverpool.

More details are in our story below:

Thomas kingsleyDecember 5, 2021 9:11 AM


Johnson faces crisis of confidence as sleaze shatters trust in MPs

Confidence in politicians to act in the national interest has fallen dramatically since Boris Johnson became Prime Minister, new figures from the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) have revealed.

Data from YouGov’s poll for the IPPR showed that 63% of the public believed politicians were “just for themselves” in the wake of the sleaze Owen Paterson scandal. This figure rose from 48% in 2014, when David Cameron was Prime Minister.

In the same poll, only 5 percent of voters believed politicians were primarily working for the good of their country.


Thomas kingsleyDecember 5, 2021 9:15 AM


Tories are breaking ranks on immigration to demand safe routes to UK for asylum seekers

Senior Tories have demanded a radical overhaul of the asylum system to allow migrants to seek refuge at British embassies anywhere in the world – rather than having to travel to the UK – in a bid to reduce the number of attempts at dangerous Channel crossings.

Former cabinet members David Davis and Andrew Mitchell are among those calling for change, which poses a major challenge to the punitive approach taken by Boris Johnson and Priti Patel, who demand tighter controls on French beaches and threaten to “push back” small boats at sea.

Our political editor Andrew Woodcock and our home affairs and security correspondent Lizzie deardan have the full story below:

Thomas kingsleyDecember 5, 2021 9:17 AM


Boris Johnson orders review of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes case

Justice Secretary Dominic Raab said ministers were determined to see what lessons could be learned from the murder of six-year-old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes.

When asked if there would be an investigation, Mr Raab said Sky News: “The Prime Minister has made it clear that we want to see how social services liaise with criminal justice agencies and what lessons we can learn from that. “

He added: “It’s right that we look at criminal justice and in between, I think the job of social workers – especially those caring for children at particular risk – we need to learn from.”

Our political editor Andrew Woodcock, has the full story below:

Thomas kingsleyDecember 5, 2021 9:25 AM


“We must take decisive action,” says children’s commissioner following Arthur Labinjo-Hughes case

England’s Children’s Commissioner Rachel de Souza said “decisive action” must be taken to ensure the horrors experienced by Arthur Labinjo-Hughes do not happen again.

Ms de Souza called on the social service system to listen to the children, telling Andrew Marr that Arthur had raised concerns – along with his uncle and grandmother – but their voices had not been heard.

She added that social services need to look for where the best social care is provided and seek to replicate that.

A memorial for Arthur Labinjo-Hughes is displayed on the big screen ahead of the Sky Bet Championship match at The Den, London (PA)

(PA wire)

Thomas kingsleyDecember 5, 2021 9:35 AM


“We must not close schools anymore”, says children’s commissioner

Children ‘s Commissioner Rachel de Souza said schools should no longer be closed over concerns the closures were hiding horrors of child abuse that the social service system was unable to detect.

“We must no longer close schools,” said Ms. de Souza.

Amid the spread of the omicron variant, Ms de Souza added that she would urge the prime minister not to close schools if infections rose to an unsafe level.

“The children have taken a huge blow for us, we must not close the schools anymore,” she added.

Thomas kingsleyDecember 5, 2021 9:39 AM


Government to publish crime “dashboards” to identify criminal justice failures, says Dominic Raab

Justice Secretary Dominic Raab said the government would start publishing crime “dashboards” to identify failings in the criminal justice system.

Mr. Raab said Sky News Trevor Phillips On Sunday program: “We’re going to be releasing dashboards, both for general crime but also for rape, which means we can see exactly where the system is working and exactly where it is not, that it is at the police stage, the prosecution stage.

Mr Raab said he wanted to increase rape prosecutions. Among the measures being considered were methods of getting victims’ cell phones to be read faster so that they would not be deprived of their phones for an extended period of time, which he said deters some women from coming forward.

The justice secretary also said he wanted to expand the use of pre-recorded testimony in rape cases. “We have tried this in a number of Crown courts. I actually think it’s something we need to roll out nationally. I want to see the right way to do it, ”he said.

Thomas kingsleyDecember 5, 2021 9:57 AM


“If there was a party against the rules, it was not the right thing to do”, says Dominic Raab

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab said any party thrown during the level three restrictions would be against the rules and “the wrong thing to do.”

Speaking on The Andrew Marr Show, Mr Raab was asked whether Downing Street hosted a Christmas party last year when the rest of London was under restrictions.

While posting reports on the Christmas party at The Daily Mirror, BBC and Financial Time, “Anonymous and unfounded,” he conceded that if a party were to take place, it would be against the rules. He insisted that all the rules were being followed and that he was not aware of a Christmas party that allegedly took place in Downing Street last year.

Thomas kingsleyDecember 5, 2021 10:02 AM


Boris Johnson faces backbench revolt after military rape trials

Boris Johnson faces a backbench revolt against the government’s rejection of calls for rape cases in the armed forces to be removed from the military court system, where defendants are five or six times less likely to ‘be found guilty.

Prominent Conservative MPs Johnny Mercer – a former military officer who was in charge of legislation on the matter before stepping down as defense minister earlier this year – and chairman of the Commons Defense Committee , Tobias Ellwood, are among those expected to break the party’s ranks in a close vote on Monday. .

Our political editor Andrew Woodcock has the full report below:

Thomas kingsleyDecember 5, 2021 10:33 AM

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