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Lucknow: More than 6,800 people from across the city have signed a petition on change.org, demanding clean water supplies in the city’s slums.
Started by town-native Archana Pandey, the petition garnered hundreds of comments and signatures in a month after Pandey shared her own personal experience while visiting a Lucknow slum. The petition is growing in importance following more than 30 children who fell ill in the slums of Ballu Adda after consuming dirty water.
“It was while working in different slums in Lucknow that I discovered that most of them did not have access to clean water. That’s when I came across this ordeal. “Blue tea” hand pump and it was consumed daily. Later I found the same situation in other slums, “Archana said in the petition statement.
The petition was addressed to Mahendra Singh, Minister of jal Shakti and Baldev Singh Aulakh, Minister of State, jal shakti.
Continuous appeals are also made by young climate activists via social media to save Gomti. With signs and images highlighting the polluted river and the hashtag #istandforgomti, activists call on the masses not to dump litter in the river and to raise awareness to save the river.
“Our sacred river Gomti is sick and being trampled under the pressure of pollution in the form of industrial, residential and plastic waste by us humans. It is time to realize our reckless actions and to preach. We demand justice for it. Gomti, ”climate activist Sarah (18) shared via her social media page.


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